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Conversations With Kids


For Answering Children’s Sexuality Questions


Think “PRAISE” when your kids ask difficult questions about sex

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Parents of Children
5 - 11years old

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Have you been avoiding talking to your kids about sex and sexuality?

This 3  short video series (total 55 mins)is a version of Vanessa’s live, face to face parent presentations, where she delivers the basics of human sexuality. All tied up with tips on how to talk about it and how to overcome the common barriers and fears parents have. You will learn what to say, how much to say and when to say it, so that when kids ask you questions or when teachable moments arise you will feel equipped to have those conversations without the ‘cringe’ factor.

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Videos: Talking The Talk TV

Short and simple videos for easy learning about human sexuality so that you know what to say and when
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Ebooks: Positive Ways to Talk about Sex and Sexuality to Kids Aged 0-17

Essential guides broken down into age groups so that parents give age appropriate information to kids
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Courses: Learn how to have conversations about sex and sexuality

Based on what is presented at face to face parent presentations the content of these courses guide you step by step so that you don't miss any of the key topics your kids need to hear from you.
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