Mum how do Monkey’s make a baby? A brilliant sexuality teachable moment.

A perfect teachable moment, use these images to explain how human babies are made. See tips in this blog post.

Prepare yourself:

  • Be positive
  • Be brave
  • Keep it simple
  • ‘Strip back’ your adult layers of sexual thoughts and your sexual journey they are not relevant to this conversation and will get in the way
  • Be relaxed and calm and don’t worry if the kids are not interested, try again another time
  • If they don’t ask questions you can ask them some (see tips below)

Conversation ideas:

  • ‘Wow! birthing babies is amazing!”
  • “Guys come and look at these amazing rare images…”
  • “I’m so glad I saw these pictures, it reminded me that I have not  yet explained to you how human babies are made.  What do you know about this already?
  • “Where did you hear about that/Who told you that?’
  • “The baby monkey  started growing when a seed met with the egg that was inside the mother”
  • “The seed is in the male monkey”
  • “The seed comes out of his penis”
  • “At a particular time, when nature plans it,  the female accepts the male monkey’s penis into the vagina to allow the seed to be released and travel up to her egg that has come from her ovary”
  • “Yes humans do this in a similar way, but humans also express love during this process; so lots of hugging, kissing, talking, consent, respect and pleasure…A very very special thing to do together –  that only adults do. Sexual intercourse is only for adult minds and bodies.”
  • “The female is so strong to carry and grow the baby and then manage the contractions and the labour”
  • “Her body instinctively knows what to do”
  • “She is best left alone during the labour so the chemicals in her brain and body work well together to help the body birth the baby”
  • “Humans have other ways that they can have a baby as well…IVF, adoption…”
  • “Humans can also birth babies another way this is called a cesarean…”

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