How to initiate a conversation about sex with a 10 yo? A Parent Q&A Video in celebration of World Sexual Health Day

World Sexual Health Day 2019 theme is:

“Sexuality education for all a bridge to sexual health”


“…4 September 2019, today is World sexual Health Day and the theme for 2019 is comprehensive sexuality education (CSE). In addition Sexual health is fundamental to the overall health and well – being of individuals, couples, families, aiding the social and economic development of communities and countries.  This includes young people who need comprehensive sexuality education to ensure they are able to enjoy good sexual and reproductive health throughout their lives…”

Here at Talking The Talk we fully embrace this theme, as a Sexual Health Nurse for 24 years I have seen first hand how good education and information provides positive sexual health and wellbeing and relationships outcomes for people of all ages. 

We strongly promote the notion that sexuality education should come from both home and school and should complement each other. We are here to support parents to have sexuality education conversations with their kids. Our belief is that parents/carers should be the main sexuality educators in their children’s lives, with school complimenting and supporting this education. 

Your child is getting a sexuality education from the world around them whether you like it or not. Advertising, popular culture, music videos, TV, radio, other kids, news…you need to counteract with a version that is accurate, honest, positive, joyful, and empowering.  We need to be sure we are not approaching sexuality education with a fear and danger approach. 

I created this Facebook live video to give parents an opportunity to have their questions answered by an expert.  To empower parents/carers with tips and ideas so that you can start and continue these many essential conversations without the cringe factor and without avoiding it altogether. 

Some of the questions you will see covered in the video relate to these themes:

  • How much information should I give and at what age?
  • Who’s job is it to teach children about sexuality?
  • What is appropriate behaviour?
  • How to talk to teens about condoms?
  • Show and tell – what is a female condom?
  • Contraception and STIs prevention
  • Consent 

For more tips and ideas for having conversations with kids see our resources page.

Coming soon Talking the Talk Membership for Parents and Carers all the support you will need for a step by step process of having conversations with your kids. Find out more here.  

For research-based education resources: 

Here is an extensive and useful  list provided by

UNESCO (article): UN urges Comprehensive Approach to Sexuality Education

UNESCO: International technical guidance on sexuality education

Family Planning Alliance Australia: Relationships and Sexuality Education in Schools Position Statement.

SHINE SA 10 Principles of Best Practice

La Trobe University (research report): National Survey of Secondary Students and Sexual Health

UNSW Sydney (research report): Sexual health-related knowledge, attitudes and practices of young people in Australia

The Conversation (article): Good sex ed doesn’t lead to teen pregnancy, it prevents it

The Conversation (article): Why education about gender and sexuality does belong in the classroom

The Conversation (article): How#MeToo can guide sex education in schools

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