We pride ourselves on our contemporary approach to school based, comprehensive sexuality education and offer three types of school sessions: student, parent and teacher sexuality education.

During our sessions, we always:

  • Cover diversity
  • Use gender neutral language as much as possible
  • Include human connection and pleasure, i.e. we don’t leave clitoris off the anatomy
  • Ensure that each session covers at least the very basics of protective body safety
  • Have respectful relationships at the core of learning

We deliver accurate, age appropriate information to students about their bodies and relationships. Our student sessions are based on global research about the benefits of early, ongoing, age appropriate, comprehensive sexuality education. Our aim is to empower young people with essential information for safe and positive relationship experiences over their lifetime.

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Meets your local curriculum requirements.

For example in Victoria, Australia, it is a focus area of the Personal, Social and Community Health strand of the Health and PE curriculum. This area is expected to be addressed during each band of learning from Foundation all the way to Level 10.

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