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Health professionals tell us time and time again, that they have never had any, or very little, Sexual Health/Human Sexuality training and therefore lack skills, information, resources and confidence to address these important issues.

Our sessions, tailored from as little as 1 hour to all day training, focus on providing a greater understanding of what Human Sexuality is, tips on how to address Sexual Health with patients/clients, and how to respond to questions and difficulties encountered in their every day work.

Participants are provided with practical examples and resources with the aim of them being able to start implementing sexual health into the overall wellbeing care of their clients as soon as they complete the session.

Vanessa has 24 years experience as Sexual and Reproductive Health Nurse and Clinical Nurse Consultant, she has heard thousands of patients stories and shares them with participants to facilitate learning and knowledge.

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Session Content

  • What is Human Sexuality
  • How General Health and Wellbeing are affected by Sexual Health
  • The affects of illness & injury on Sexual Health
  • Myths and fears about having conversations with patients
  • Options and enhancers to increase Sexual Health
  • Taking a Sexual Health history
  • Examples include: Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Mental Health, ABI, Renal, Cancer and many more

The Session will provide:

  • Information about why it is important to address the Sexual Health needs of our clients
  • Tips for bringing up the subject of Sexual Health and increasing your own comfort levels
  • Strategies for addressing the difficult encounters regarding Sexual Health that we have in our every day work
  • Practical examples
  • Resources

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Sessions can be tailored from 1 – 8 hours.

Sexual Health can impact the general wellbeing of our patients/clients, we need to address this aspect of their total health, as a duty of care. Talk to us about how we can support your staff.

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